St. George’s Bristol – Saturday Jan, 17th

Raise the Roof Event – Saturday January the 17th, 2015

City of Bristol Choir members are being led by David Ogden this Saturday at St George’s, Bristol (just off Park Street) in a day performing much loved blockbusters of the stage and screen.

Accompanied by a live band, the day culminates in a showcase performed by the day’s cast.

The programme commences at 11.00 am-1.00 pm and from 2.00 pm-4.00 pm.

There will be a finale performance at 3.15 pm.

To find out more visit:

or telephone T: 0117 929 4929

Wildlife Photographer of the Year – Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Wildlife Photographer of the Year – 50th Anniversary Exhibition

Until 22nd February 2015

An excellent display of wildlife photography is currently on view at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, including contributions from the Young Photographer of the Year and a presentation of previous winners.

Prints are available to buy and entry for Adults is £3, Concessions £2 and Children between 5 and 16 years £2.

It’s well worth a visit and to find out more go to:

3D Demo and Talk at Bristol Central Library

High-tech, 3D Scanning and Printing

If you are interested in learning more about the latest developments in 3D technology,  Knowle West Media Centre is presenting a talk by Open Bionics on the 7th of February at Bristol Central Library. There will be a demonstration of the new technologies used and how high-tech prosthetics are made at affordable prices, including robotic hands for amputees. The talk and demonstration will take place between  3.00 and 4.00 pm on Saturday the 7th of February, 2015.

To find out more visit or contact: +44 (0) 117 903 0444,  [email protected]

Bristol, Green European Capital for 2015

First Green Capital award for the UK

Bristol is the first UK city to win the European Green Capital award since the initiative was launched in 2008.

The jury found that Bristol had made efforts to improve the urban environment and helped create sustainable and healthier areas in which to live.

There are many ways to become involved throughout the year, including:

Green Capital Gardening

Bristol has plenty of community parks, gardens and orchards and there are many opportunities to volunteer and join in.

Learn more by visiting

Bristol Harbour Wildlife

Together with Herring Gulls you can spot Kingfishers, Tufted Ducks, Coots, Heron and Great Crested Grebes and thanks to a huge improvement in water quality it is believed that otters are also resident around the city’s floating harbour.

Other notable organisations which have been awarded strategic grants for 2015 are:

  • Avon Wildlife Trust
  • Beacon Farms
  • Bristol Festivals
  • Bristol Fish Project
  • Bristol Food Network

To find out more about Bristol Green Capital Status and what it means to you, visit


Bristolian Cafe’s Christmas Lights

Take a look at the Bristolian Cafe’s Christmas lights, Picton Street, Montpelier.

Well done for putting a smile on the face of all who pass by.

Clifton Suspension Bridge 150th Fireworks

Spectacular Anniversary Fireworks at

Brunel’s famous bridge

You had to get there early to secure the best vantage point.

How lucky that the weather stayed fine and calm on Sunday the 7th of December for the 150th Anniversary Firework Display on the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

The crowds gathered early to achieve the best spot overlooking the Avon Gorge, towards the suspension bridge. People found their way down the footpaths of Leigh Woods using torchlight and drones hovered overhead which added to the general excited atmosphere of the evening.

It turned out to be well worth the wait as onlookers enjoyed a fantastic display, particularly the curtain of golden rain which dropped down from the bridge to the gorge itself.

Cyclists v Pedestrians in Bristol (OPINION PIECE)

Pedestrians and cyclists mingled together on Bristol’s pavements is not a safe combination.

There have been many articles written by cyclists complaining about inconsiderate drivers but maybe it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

I have recently returned to Bristol after a 30 year absence and have been astonished by the transformation of the city’s infrastructure.

We reluctantly moved from the Gloucestershire countryside to the city centre in a bid to avoid my husband’s gruelling daily commute, the anticipated relaxing stroll to work however, hasn’t really materialised.

Instead I have to be extra vigilant trying to dodge bicycles racing towards me on the pavements in their hi-viz, hi-speed, helmeted way which sends pedestrians scattering in all directions.

Some cyclist’s attitude can be inconsiderate bordering on dangerous with pedestrians made to feel like irritating obstructions in their quest to get from a-to-b as quickly as possible.

Visitors to the city will not be aware that some (but not all) of the pavements are for dual use.  The pavement running alongside Queen Square is a good example, if it’s accessed from the square itself, its not obvious that the road side of the pavement is in fact designated for use by cyclists.

I feel it is only a matter of time before an elderly person or unaware child is seriously injured, or worse.

It is  Bristol City Council’s responsibility to implement clearly marked, designated bicycle routes and to stop cyclists breaking the law by using pedestrian only pavements and footpaths.

All cyclists should be required to take and pass a course similar to the driving test before being allowed to venture onto the roads.  There are clear rules for cyclists printed in the Highway Code that include  – cycling on a pavement (footway) Highways Act 1835 sect 72 as amended by section 85(1) of the Local Government Act 1888; & Road (Scotland) Act 1984, sect 129

There are government initiative schemes available, such as Bikeability that offer various levels of training.

Level 3. deals with more challenging road and traffic situations and can be run in groups or on a tailored, one-to-one basis.  On completion you will be awarded a green badge which will mean you have gained the following level of competency:

  • Make a trip to work or elsewhere on any roads
  • Use complex junctions and road features such as roundabouts, multi-lane roads and traffic lights
  • Understand driver blind spots
  • Know how (and when) to pass queuing traffic
  • Identify and react to hazardous road surfaces
  • Plan your route
  • Interpret road signs
Find out more from and send us your comments.


Spectacular Fireworks in Clifton

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol – 150th Anniversary Fireworks Display

At 7.00 pm on the 7th of December you will be able to witness a spectacular 15 minutes firework display, taking place on the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

This event kicks off the celebrations which have been organised to mark the 150th anniversary of the bridge’s opening.

The celebrations continue on the 8th of December with a re-enactment of the original opening procession, which will begin at 3.00 pm from the junction of Bridge Road and Observatory Road.

The procession will comprise local dignitaries, bridge staff and school children and be watched from both sides of the bridge by onlookers.

They will process across bridge and end fittingly at the brand new visitors centre.

To find out more visit:


Christmas Jingle and Belle (s) at Bristol Zoo

Why not take the children to meet a ‘real’ reindeer this Christmas.

Bristol Zoo is offering the chance to get up close to their new arrivals – Jingle and Belle.

You’ll have the opportunity to feed and pet the reindeer, every day between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm – until January the 5th.

You’ll also be able to visit Santa in his Grotto at weekends until the 23rd of December.

For further details please visit

@Bristol Ice-skating

Festive Fun

If you are looking for a fun outdoor activity this winter, why not try a spot of ice-skating.

You’ll find the rink located underneath the silver planetarium building in Anchor Road, Harbourside, Bristol, BS1 5DB  from the 8th of November until the 7th of January. for further information


Picton’ Street Christmas Market, Montpelier, Bristol on Saturday the 13th December – 2014

Join the Fun

Come along and join in the fun at the annual Christmas Market being held in Picton Street, Montpelier on Saturday the 13th of December, 2014.

The excitement starts at 11.00 am and finish around 7.00.

Among other things you’ll find:

  • Children’s play area
  • 72 stalls
  • Live music
  • Roaming carol singers
  • Bar
  • Shops and cafe’s
  • A steam engine
  • Fencing lessons

Free Community Event

Lots of effort has gone into making a fabulous event and EVERYONE is welcome.

Join us at Picton St Bristol, City of Bristol BS6 5QA on Saturday the 13th of December for a great day out.



Skipchen a great new (waste food) dining experience, Stokes Croft, Bristol

Found Food Ideas

Check this out

Have you tried the  new (found food) dining experience recently established in a donated room at the Crofters Rights Pub, Stokes Croft.

There is no waste

Discarded food is found in various places – predominantly in supermarket’ bins, from where its retrieved (as soon as possible after disposal).  All the food has been assessed as within the best before dates and food safety is a paramount consideration.

No two-day’s menus are  the same, the chef has to think on his feet to utilise whatever food has been found the evening before. The restaurant is run on a ‘not for profit’ basis – customers give what they feel is fair – but if you are hard up then its free.

Opening times are from Mon-Fri and between 9.00 am and 3.30 pm

They are always looking  for volunteers to help out.

Contact – Crofters Rights, BS13PY

Or visit


162 Annual Open Exhibition 2014 12 October – 7 December 2014

A date to add to the calendar this Autumn

Don’t miss this year’s excellent 162nd Annual Open Exhibition at Bristol’s – Royal West of England Academy. There is still plenty of time to attend and you’ll have to chance to vote for your favourite exhibit. The artist to receive the most votes will receive an award of £500.

Exhibition information:

Opening times are from Tuesday-Saturday (10.oo am until 6.00 pm) and from (11.00 am until 5.00 pm) on Sundays.

For further information visit or telephone 0117 9735129

Autumn Night Skies @Bristol Planetarium

Autumn Star Gazing at the Bristol Planetarium


For stargazers who have an interest in astronomy the Autumn event currently showing at the Bristol Planetarium is sure to capture the imagination.

Events are taking place daily, at regular intervals from the 16th September until 30th of November so it’s best to check the website in advance for details.

You can expect to see views of the galaxy of Andromeda and discover how astronomers are seeking out planets far beyond our own solar system.

To secure your place check the @Bristol website.

For just £1.50 per person and free to members you can discover which stars are visible in the Bristol night sky this Autumn. Visit for further information.

Interestingly, NASA are investing in future space travel projects and here is one of their latest developments.

Close up of the Planet Mars


Man (or woman) on Mars

 It takes 180 days to travel to Mars and keeping astronauts fed, watered and occupied creates obstacles which need addressing.

Stranger than fiction.

Scientists from NASA are researching the possibility of inducing a state of deep sleep to space travellers.

Suspended animation could solve the problem of transporting food, water and other essentials which add significantly to transportation costs, the crew could be put to sleep on departure and re-woken at their destination.

For more information on current space research, visit:

Or visit The @Bristol Planetarium which offers in-depth investigations into the environment, earth and the universe.



Bristol is such a food hub, but who’s combining class & cost?

  Whenever I know somebody is coming to visit me in Bristol I get very excited about all the different places we can go to eat, what can lavish their pallet and where has a cool ambiance but isn’t too stuffy, pretentious or going to break the bank. So, with this in mind I thought […]

What’s up weekend? 25.4.14

After a four day weekend and a four day week, let’s make plans for this weekend! With forecasted weather of sunshine and showers it doesn’t look like it’s going to be BBQ weather, however there’s lots-a-happenings in Bristol for us to feast on.   Friday:   From 4pm until 11pm there is a Beer Festival […]


Bristol is often noted as  foodie hub or a great gigging city, and sometimes even for the Bristol Pound, however it’s rarely noted for its shopping. Personally, during my time in Bristol I have found countless shops- some independent and some not- that are really unique to the city and what contribute to it providing such […]

What’s up weekend? 18.4.14

  Hey guys! Four day week and four day weekend, let’s drink cocktails and make plans. Before that though, we’d just like to let you know there will be new locations added to the app over the next few weeks (with the possibility of other treats); we’d like to thank everybody for their suggestions and many, […]

Additions please…

    Hello wonderful Bristol Unique visitors- could we possibly ask for a little help?   We have been busy in the process of adding new locations, contacting local businesses and also researching for slightly out of town spots that we think would be useful to users, whilst showing the unique and wonderful places we […]

What’s up weekend? 11.4.14

  It’s Wednesday which mean’s we’re nearly there, it’s almost the weekend. YAY! And what’s really exciting is that next weekend is Easter- which not only means we are allowed to indulge in chocolate shaped like eggs, we also have an extra day or two off work- wonderful! So, maybe you want a quiet weekend […]


Just last week we released our new and improved Android version of the Bristol Unique Guide.

What we’ve managed to do is give the app a full UI overhaul- streamlining the app and making it a bit more Android-ey.

The latest version of Google Maps is now installed, with smother scrolling and less data consumption. Native support for tablets: an optimised experience for large-screen Andriod devices An arrow that points you in the direction of the place you’re currently reading about, and tells you how far away it is. Numerous bug fixes and optimisation.

However, if you’re on an iOS then please download that version here.Upgrade ya If there’s any places, design features or anything in general that you think we’re missing, we’d appreciate a message, tweet or comment- Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks, guys- we appreciate all feedback!
What’s up Weekend? 4.4.14

  Hey, we’re doing a weekend round up for Bristol again but this week we’re starting from Thursday. Let’s go!  Thursday: Ok, so, we have started with Thursday this week because there’s the VIB event at Cabot Circus: Toppers (shop & man), The White Company, American Apparel and loads of others have up to 20% […]

What’s up weekend? 28.3.14

Hey guys, it’s Wednesday and we’re thinking about the weekend. After we were teased with the glorious sunshine and warmer weather just a few weekends ago it’s returned to a slightly colder and a more believable British March, so in that case let’s see if we can find some events fitting with that. (Plenty of beer garden […]

Post weekend joy!

This weekend Bristol was nominated the best place to live in the UK by the Sunday Times. We’re blushing but it’s true! Just rest smug everybody, as it’s likely you’re in the best company too- especially as it was only last October we were also named “most liveable” city in the UK.  Being the unique […]

What’s up weekend? 21.3.14

Hello, and a very happy Thursday to you! We are officially making last minute weekend plans, so let’s look at a few of the options Bristol has to offer. Friday 21st: The British European Jazz Ensemble will be at Colston Hall. This is a free event and it kicks off at 6:15p.m. With musicians reigning […]

Bristol Book Hive

Two weeks ago we had a visit to the beautiful Bristol Central Library to check out their exhibition Book Hive, designed by Bristol’s creative robotics collective Rusty Squid.

This was a beautiful animatronic honeycomb hive sculpture that interacted with the library’s lenders and passers by. The hive is made up of robotic hexagonal frames that have movement sensors and react as people walk past, making the books rustle and creak- a wonderful way to celebrate their 400th birthday.

Artists and engineers at the University of West England have crafted this masterpiece that is complete with 400 books- one for each year.

Check out our images on the Bristol Unique Instagram account.

Bristol Unique Guide

The Bristol Unique Guide is an app exclusively about Bristol, showcasing some of the best attractions, eateries and things to do. Each place includes images, information, contact details and a pin on the Unique map. Search ‘Bristol Unique Guide’ in the iTunes store to download.