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Autumn Night Skies @Bristol Planetarium

Autumn Star Gazing at the Bristol Planetarium


For stargazers who have an interest in astronomy the Autumn event currently showing at the Bristol Planetarium is sure to capture the imagination.

Events are taking place daily, at regular intervals from the 16th September until 30th of November so it’s best to check the website in advance for details.

You can expect to see views of the galaxy of Andromeda and discover how astronomers are seeking out planets far beyond our own solar system.

To secure your place check the @Bristol website.

For just £1.50 per person and free to members you can discover which stars are visible in the Bristol night sky this Autumn. Visit for further information.

Interestingly, NASA are investing in future space travel projects and here is one of their latest developments.

Close up of the Planet Mars


Man (or woman) on Mars

 It takes 180 days to travel to Mars and keeping astronauts fed, watered and occupied creates obstacles which need addressing.

Stranger than fiction.

Scientists from NASA are researching the possibility of inducing a state of deep sleep to space travellers.

Suspended animation could solve the problem of transporting food, water and other essentials which add significantly to transportation costs, the crew could be put to sleep on departure and re-woken at their destination.

For more information on current space research, visit:

Or visit The @Bristol Planetarium which offers in-depth investigations into the environment, earth and the universe.




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