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Bristol, Green European Capital for 2015

First Green Capital award for the UK

Bristol is the first UK city to win the European Green Capital award since the initiative was launched in 2008.

The jury found that Bristol had made efforts to improve the urban environment and helped create sustainable and healthier areas in which to live.

There are many ways to become involved throughout the year, including:

Green Capital Gardening

Bristol has plenty of community parks, gardens and orchards and there are many opportunities to volunteer and join in.

Learn more by visiting

Bristol Harbour Wildlife

Together with Herring Gulls you can spot Kingfishers, Tufted Ducks, Coots, Heron and Great Crested Grebes and thanks to a huge improvement in water quality it is believed that otters are also resident around the city’s floating harbour.

Other notable organisations which have been awarded strategic grants for 2015 are:

  • Avon Wildlife Trust
  • Beacon Farms
  • Bristol Festivals
  • Bristol Fish Project
  • Bristol Food Network

To find out more about Bristol Green Capital Status and what it means to you, visit



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