Bristol is such a food hub, but who’s combining class & cost?

  Whenever I know somebody is coming to visit me in Bristol I get very excited about all the different places we can go to eat, what can lavish their pallet and where has a cool ambiance but isn’t too stuffy, pretentious or going to break the bank. So, with this in mind I thought […]


Just last week we released our new and improved Android version of the Bristol Unique Guide.

What we’ve managed to do is give the app a full UI overhaul- streamlining the app and making it a bit more Android-ey.

The latest version of Google Maps is now installed, with smother scrolling and less data consumption. Native support for tablets: an optimised experience for large-screen Andriod devices An arrow that points you in the direction of the place you’re currently reading about, and tells you how far away it is. Numerous bug fixes and optimisation.

However, if you’re on an iOS then please download that version here.Upgrade ya If there’s any places, design features or anything in general that you think we’re missing, we’d appreciate a message, tweet or comment- Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks, guys- we appreciate all feedback!
What’s up weekend? 28.3.14

Hey guys, it’s Wednesday and we’re thinking about the weekend. After we were teased with the glorious sunshine and warmer weather just a few weekends ago it’s returned to a slightly colder and a more believable British March, so in that case let’s see if we can find some events fitting with that. (Plenty of beer garden […]

Post weekend joy!

This weekend Bristol was nominated the best place to live in the UK by the Sunday Times. We’re blushing but it’s true! Just rest smug everybody, as it’s likely you’re in the best company too- especially as it was only last October we were also named “most liveable” city in the UK.  Being the unique […]

Bristol Unique Guide

The Bristol Unique Guide is an app exclusively about Bristol, showcasing some of the best attractions, eateries and things to do. Each place includes images, information, contact details and a pin on the Unique map. Search ‘Bristol Unique Guide’ in the iTunes store to download.