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Independents Day

This week, we’re scrapping ‘What’s up Weekend’ because this Friday is Independence day, but not quite as we know it. The clever little indie folk have all pulled together and they’re having ‘Independents Day’.


Personally, I feel this is something that Bristol really excel themselves with, there’s so much spirit and creativity in bringing communities together and I love the celebration of that- in addition to there being a really high standard of Bristol Indies. It’s all wonderful stuff, really.


The aim of the day, outlined by their site, is to:


  1. Encouraging shoppers to shop independently
  2. Encouraging retailers to market themselves collectively by high street
  3. Encouraging retailers, community groups, Neighbourhood Partnerships/Forums, other businesses and business associations to work together to support our high streets


So, guys. Let’s support everyone and do our bit- go along and just grab some food from one of the participants or just have a check on what they’re up to.


Also, if you head on over to the Independents Day site, you can find recipes and all the necessary information (notable fave: the bubble and squeak cakes with speedy salad).


Please, Bristol- have a marvellous Independence AND Independents Day.




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